Friday, May 2, 2008

New Edge Networks

New Edge Networks is another one of those small companies that provide a relatively consistent T1 internet service. Although they only have about 320 employees, they offer their T1 line to almost every state within the U.S. Their prices aren’t too shabby either – at approximately $419.95 per month. Also, if you happen to be in the cities of Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, or San Diego, New Edge Networks is offering a promotion where a two-year term for their T1 service will cost only $299/year and a one-year term for the service will cost $329. By the way, this internet is a full clear channel. It’s a pretty good deal if you live in any of these metropolitan areas.

New Edge Networks’ commitments are within the standards of the industry. Their commitments on data delivery, throughput, and network availabilities (both on- and off-net) are at 99.9%. The maximum restoration time is at the average four hours, and the maximum latency and packet loss are at a slightly better 55ms and .05, respectively, which beats out many other companies’ commitments.

The only real problem is, once again, being a smaller company, there are fewer employees and that spells fewer technicians and customer service representatives that are available if something goes wrong. Also, New Edge Networks has a slightly longer installation time range at 40 days rather than the standard 30 or less. These are things you might need to take into consideration for your business if you want it running faster and more reliably.

The good: Affordable price for the full, clear channel T1 line. New Edge Networks have a range of good commitments and if you’re lucky enough to be in one of the promotional cities, you can sign up to pay even less for the service.

The bad: Let’s do the math again: small ISP company = fewer workers = fewer customer service representatives and technicians. Should any trouble arise, it’s probably going to be a pain.

The bottom line: New Edge Networks is a decent deal even if you don’t live in one of the promotional cities for the discount. They don’t experience much downtime, if any at all, and your business will be operating as smoothly as it would with any other T1 service provider.