Friday, May 2, 2008

MPower Communications

MPower Communications is a limited T1 service provider that offers its services to California, Nevada, and Illinois. For a small $400 a month, you get a whole bunch of extras with your dedicated T1 line, including phone service (long distance and local) and integrated voice and data service. The company prides itself in offering a full 1.5Mbps internet service (and not one of those fractional, oversubscribed lines) and if you sign up for a three-year term, the installation is completely free (you will have to pay $350 if you sign up for any lesser term).

However, there are also many downsides to MPower Communications. Other than the obvious limited range of their service, there is also a total lack of commitments in regards to their T1. The price and speed might be good, but unless you live in one of the three states where the company’s internet is offered and you want to save yourself the trouble by putting your phone and internet bills into one pile, MPower is not too different from any other provider.

The good: Relatively low price that’s affordable for lots of businesses, with the speed you’d expect from a T1 line.

The bad: No noticeable service commitments. ‘Nuff said. (But just in case it wasn’t, it’s also extremely limited in service.)

The bottom line: If you’re in the region, sign up for this. The price you pay for the speed you get is excellent. And if you’re not in the area – well, keep searching.