Friday, May 2, 2008


Cavalier Telephone is a limited telecommunications company that serves residents and businesses in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

With only a bit over 1,000 employees, Cavalier offers decent performance in its T1 service, with a maximum latency of 80ms and a peak packet loss of 0.05%. Their commitment on service restoration is better than most other providers, requiring a maximum of only three hours; if there is an outage, Cavalier will return .33% of your monthly credit for one hour of downtime and .67% for four hours.

Expect roughly two to three weeks for them to install your T1 if you choose Cavalier’s service, with a maximum provisioning time of 45 days. Their pricing is relatively in the inexpensive range, starting at $350 and up, which is great for any business. From several reports, there doesn’t seem to be any oversubscribing and you will get the full T1 service bandwidth for the price.

Of course, you can also expect to receive VoIP applications with your voice and data network. Should you need it, you can also utilize your very own domain hosting. Being a smaller, regionalized provider, you can also look forward to plenty of local support if it becomes necessary.

Although there isn’t really any problems with the comparatively new company, the fact that it’s smaller means you can’t exercise their decent services unless you reside within their limited range. Sorry to all the people outside the centralized eastern region.

The good: Low costs for good performance and speeds. Customer support is a plus, and technicians usually take only a couple of days to respond to any distinct on-location problems. Very ethusiastic and supportive sales team.

The bad: Very limited regions of service – you’ll only find them in five states and District of Columbia.

The bottom line: If you’re within their service areas, it’s a good choice for your business. A low price for a good product… what more can you ask for?